UPS Backup Power

Beat Load-shedding stages 1 - 8 with our UPS range

We Supply whole UPS Units as well as individual batteries for existing units

Tell us your needs and we will let you know which model is best!

For Wi-Fi Routers & Fibre Terminal Boxes

Mini DC UPS units with Lithium Batteries to keep your Fibre ONT and Wi-Fi router running during load-shedding

Starting from R999

For Laptops and other Small Electronics

These larger Lithium units are portable, easy to use, and feature a built-in light.

Starting from R2 999

For Desktop PC Workstations, Home Entertainment Systems and other High-power Devices

These serviceable modular units are larger, more durable and longer lasting. Separate inverter and battery pack, fitted with Lithium batteries. Can power Desktop PCs and Screens, network devices and more.

Starting from R13 999

More on these units here

For Everything Else...

Security Cameras, Gate Motors, Game Consoles, Fridges, Fans, Radios, Lamps, Phones - we can supply you with just the right UPS for most applications :)

Contact us to order, or to book a Power Survey :)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I order a UPS?

Either place an order with us or, Contact us to book a Power Survey Visit. We will visit your home or office and take an accurate measurement of the power draw on each device you would like to keep running. Then we will send you a quote according to your needs :)

How long does it take for my UPS to arrive?

Lead time is usually 2-5 working days depending on the type of unit and stock availability with our suppliers. We will contact you as soon as it arrives to arrange installation.

What kind of batteries are in my UPS?

We prefer to quote on Lithium batteries as they are superior. 

While it is possible to order UPS units with cheaper Lead Acid batteries, we prefer to provide you with a Lithium battery unit. Yes, these do tend to be pricier, but they are worth every cent in terms of life-span, charging speeds, and total number of cycles you can get out of them.

Can't I just buy one of those popular models I see on the internet?

If you know exactly what your power needs are and what to look for in a UPS unit, certainly. 

However, most well-priced units you find online are cheaper because a.) they are shipped with lead acid batteries which degrade quickly, b.) are often rated for far less cycles than ours, or c.) are not serviceable, so when the batteries die, they cannot be replaced with new ones. 

We have put in many hours of research and testing to find UPS units that are of superior quality and ability. If ever in doubt, just ask us :)

How long will my UPS last?

A bit of a tricky question to answer because several factors are involved, such as the battery type, size, and what you intend to power with it.

With Lithium batteries, we try to determine how big your battery/batteries need to be for it to lose no more than 80% charge in a single load-shedding session. Not draining the battery below 20% charge will ensure you get the maximum life span out of it. If this method is applied for the lifetime of the battery/batteries, it will be good for about 3000 charge cycles (in other words, several years). 

For Lead Acid batteries, the degradation is far more drastic, and they are rated for fewer cycles. Draining it below 50% on a regular basis will lead to sub 1 year life spans. We take this into account and make sure the batteries are sufficiently large to never go below 50% but we do recommend Lithium batteries as they are superior.

What is a "Battery Charge Cycle"?

A charge/discharge cycle is when a battery has been drained to 0% of its charge capacity and recharged back to 100% . In other words, the process of a battery going from 100% to 0% charge and back up to 100%. 

Does my UPS go through a charge cycle with every load-shedding session?

Most likely not, as this is a cumulative process, and your battery probably won't go from 100 to 0 during a single session of load-shedding. But the effect is cumulative with a discharge over 4 periods of loadshedding of 25% each equalling 1 cycle, more or less.

Can I power any appliance off of my UPS?

That depends. If the device is within the UPS's wattage limits, then yes you can. Just remember, the more devices you run off your UPS, the quicker the battery will drain.

Some equipment requires sinewave UPS's and wont work on modified sinewave. Ask us if you are not sure :)

Is there a Warrantee on my UPS?

Yes. The duration depends on the model, but all UPS units we sell come with a warrantee.

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