Hardware Support

We have Years of Experience in Hardware Support!

Our hardware support services include: sourcing of new systems, devices, and components, exhaustive troubleshooting and repairs on faulty components, and installations of new and replacement hardware.

Hardware Sales, Installations, and Repairs

We are happy to source whatever you need to repair, upgrade, or replace your tech, whether it be...

Whole systems:

Desktops PC's | Notebooks | Tablets | Phones


Printers | Speakers | Headsets | Webcams | Keyboards | Mice | External Monitors | Network Devices | Adapters & Connectors for Display and Sound

Backup Devices:

UPS (uninterrupted power supply) Units | Hard Drives


SSD Drives | Memory Modules (RAM)

Data Transfers & Expansion:

HDD to SSD's | External Drives | USB Drives

Picture of smart phone, tablet, computer screen displaying loading message, and a PC tower with a internet router above it

Network Setup & Troubleshooting:

Fibre Router Setup | Wi-Fi Router Setup | ADSL Router Setup | Network Switch Installations | Wi-Fi Extender Setup | LAN Cable Extensions & Routing

Component Replacements:

CPU Fans | Motherboards | Batteries | Chargers | Screens | Built in keyboards | Track Pads

And more!

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