Cleaning your Computer

Published 18 July 2019

Is your PC or laptop running slow? Humming loudly? Randomly shutting down? One of the culprits for these issues may surprise you – Dust!

A little bit of cleaning goes a long way in keeping your machine operating as it should, and dusting out the frame of your computer should be something that you do at least once a year (or more, depending on the environment it’s working in). A build-up of dust clogs cooling vents and acts as an insulator for heat. Overheating of circuits and essential parts (CPUs and GPUs) can cause all sorts of problems and shortens the life-span of your computer in the long run.

Besides dust, there could be all sorts of interesting critters who have taken lodging inside your machine- usually to their demise (we found a wasp inside a laptop!) So, opening it up at regular intervals for cleaning is definitely a good idea.

How To dust your Computer:

1. First, make sure that it is switched off and unplugged from all power sources.

2. Next, you need to open the machine by unscrewing/unclipping the removable panel(s) (For PC towers, this is usually found on the side; for laptops, it’s on the bottom.)

3. Then, using a can of compressed air, you want to carefully blow any dust you see outward from the machine. You could also use a good quality soft bristled brush. Give special attention to the cooling fan and air vents.

4. You can also use a soft lint-free cloth to remove any caked-on grime. While Isopropyl alcohol/surgical spirits are a good option here, DO NOT US ANY LIQUIDS while doing this. Be careful not to scrape, bend, or twist any chips, pins, or wires.

5. Finally, you’ll want to dust the outside of your machine, as well as the surface it is usually situated on.

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