Software support

Software Support over a wide range of applications!

We offer assistance with the installation, activation, troubleshooting, and updating of software across well-known operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android

Software Support

Operating System Installations & Updates:

Windows | iOS | Linux | Android

Software/App Installations, Activation & Troubleshooting:

 MS Office Suite | Pastel | Antivirus & VPN  

Video Conferencing:

MS Teams | Zoom | Skype

Email Setup & Support:

Outlook | Gmail | Apple Mail | Thunderbird 

Cloud Backups & Syncing:

Google Drive | OneDrive | Drop Box | iCloud Drive

Peripheral Hardware Management Apps:

Network Management | Graphics | Sound Systems | Printers | Cameras | NAS Systems

And More!

Contact us to get Software Support  :)

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